The follow up event to the annual AD White Leadership conference is the Emerging Leaders Experience. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs (OFSA) and the Tri-Council's calendar has shifted the focus from the current fraternity and sorority leaders to the younger members of the system, as well as the incoming new members.

The Experience, formerly dubbed the Emerging Leaders Retreat, is scheduled over three consecutive weeks in April and will be the first in a series of events geared towards cultivating the next generation of fraternity and sorority leaders. 

Taking place weekly in the ILR Conference Center, the event will bring together members from all three contingents of the Cornell fraternity and sorority community for three afternoons of teambuilding and leadership exercises.

The OFSA emphasizes the importance of a good turn out, as not only will this be an action packed afternoon filled with fun and games, but also an opportunity for fraternity and sorority members to familiarize themselves with each other. 

Those interested in the event must apply online.  Applications are due Friday, April 2 at midnight and no chapter may bring more than two representatives. 

The event is made possible through the generous support of Bob Selander ’72.  Go to http://tiny.cc/EmergingLeadersExp for the application.

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