The Tri-Council Change for Change coin drive is in full swing. At the advice of the IFC's official philanthropy, the United Way of Tompkins County, Change for Change selected Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services as our beneficiary.

This decision was made in early February, before the string of tragedies that hit campus.  Mental health and crisis prevention was previously targeted as a need for the community.  Nevertheless, the Interfraternity Council is hopeful that fraternities will be able to unite around this cause to help the community. 

Among IFC chapters, Kappa Delta Rho is leading the way in donations with a whopping $184.59.  Phi Gamma Delta trails behind in second place with $50, with Phi Sigma Kappa not far behind with $48.36. 

The IFC is extremely excited about the impact that this fundraiser will have on our community and look forward to its continued success.  The final numbers will be tallied during Day of Demeter, while weekly updates can be found online.
4/14/2011 07:07:39 pm

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