by Allen Miller, IFC President

The month of April has been a month marked by highs and lows. Yet through it all the IFC has come together and been pivotal in affecting change on campus and throughout the community. After the unfortunate events involving a number of student deaths in the weeks leading up to Spring Break, the IFC worked with several other large student groups to organize a community gathering to promote mental health and campus unity. Along those lines, the Change for Change fund raising initiative has turned out to be an incredibly appropriate program as all the proceeds are going to Suicide Prevention Agency of Tompkins County.

The IFC has also been actively involved in increasing the amount of positive exposure new students get to the Fraternity and Sorority community. An increased amount of attention is placed on increasing recruitment during the fall semester. This coming academic year several events will be offered during orientation week and the focus of Greek Week will be much more on recruitment and new students. Additionally, the IFC is currently debating implementing a dry, values-based recruitment weekend towards the end of the fall semester. The proposed weekend would be a preview of rush week and provide prospective members with another opportunity to be exposed to the fraternity system here at Cornell.

As the semester winds down, we have begun to turn our heads to the end of the year events. With end of the year reports all written, turned in and graded, and a successful Greek Awards. The first Saturday of May will be Day of Demeter, where members of the Fraternity and Sorority community will disperse throughout the city of Ithaca and help serve various businesses and non-profit organizations. Before we know it another semester will have gone by and the summer will be here. We will then begin preparing for the fall semester and another successful year in our community.