by Jeanette Elliot, Alpha Xi Delta

On Thursday February 25, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Alpha and Cornell Bridges to Community hosted the first ever Skate Night with Cornell University Hockey Teams at Alpha Gamma Rho’s outdoor rink.

Despite the cold weather, the event was very successful, raising over $325 for Cornell Bridges to Community’s spring break service trip to Nicaragua! Supporters of the event were able to borrow a pair of skates and skate with Cornell hockey legends Colin Greening, Riley Nash, Brendon Nash, Ben Scrivens, Erik Axell, Mike Garman & Chris Moulson (Men’s Hockey) and Hayley Hughes, Amanda Young, Chelsea Karpenko, Amanda Mazzotta, Kelly McGinty & Laura Danforth (Women’s Hockey).  

We really enjoyed working closely with each other. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated!

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