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On Friday March 12, over 270 students gathered at 104 West for Charity Shabbat: Kosher Creole for a Cause.  The event, organized by Kappa Delta sister Jenna Dorfman-Tandlich and Alpha Chi Omega sister Jaime Freilich, in conjunction with Cornell Hillel and the Cornell Center for Jewish Living, raised over $4,000 to be donated to the American Jewish World Service Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.  
The dinner was structured such that the organizers asked parents, alumni, and community members to donate a small amount per attendee.  They were successful in raising $15 for every person who attended the dinner.  They then recruited student en masse to simply come eat dinner and have a donation made on their behalf.  
The presence of fraternity and sorority community members was certainly felt at the dinner.  Sisters from Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, and Alpha Epsilon Phi attended.  “Greek involvement is a great way for dinners like this to be successful.  The Greek community is strong in both its commitment to philanthropy and frankly, its numbers,” said Dorfman-Tandlich.  
Dorfman-Tandlich noted that she hopes to increase fraternity and sorority involvement in charity Shabbat dinners (which occur once a semester) in the future by promoting them through the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Letter Council and the Panhellenic Council. She said  “Charity Shabbat is great way for Greeks to publicly confirm their commitment to philanthropy while working in conjunction with members of the non-Greek community.”

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Le conte de fées "Cendrillon" ("Cendrillon") a été associée à notre croissance, nous la fantaisie ignorante adolescent peut devenir un conte de fée "Cendrillon", le prince conduisait la voiture de citrouille à porter la pantoufle de verre. Avez-vous essayez d'imaginer que la pantoufle de verre de montrer dans la vraie vie sera comme? Le sommet de chaussures Christian Louboutin gourou Christian Louboutin a récemment conçu pour la version du film de Disney Slipper.

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